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International Communication

Prof. Peng Xie (left 1), Dr. Xinyu Zhou (left 2), Dr. Andrea Cipriani (left 3), and Prof. Toshiaki A Furukawa (left 4) are talking about a collaborative project of network meta-analysis. Beijing, China. 2016/12/10.

Lecturer Iwata , Prof.Mori and Prof. Xie(from left to right), in the Neuroscience research center of Chongqing Medical University Oct 2011

Prof. Mori was discussing with Prof.Xie on the current research. Oct 2011

After Prof. Hanns Ludwig and Dr.Liv Bode’s excellent speech about the frontier in BDV virus, they took the picture together with Prof.Xie. in July, 2009.

Prof. Hanns Ludwig, Dr. Liv Bode and vice presedent Prof Xie and Secretariat Wu of CQMU.
They came here as visit scholars for the first time and presented us the extremely treasury Borna Virus subsequently.

Dr. Yang was giving a presentation in the Daping International Conference  Nov 2011

Porf. Xie was presenting a gift to the visiting scholar Dr. Eva, Oct, 2011

Dr. Eva was giving a speech at the Annual Neurological Conference of Chongqing. Oct, 2011

Famous foreign Neuroscience scientists at the Tengchong Neuroscience forum ,  Yunnan China. Aug, 2010.

Prof.Akira Sawa was paying a scholar visit on Prof.Xie’s Lab.  Sept,2012.
Senior Assistant Professor: Yasuhide IWATA (General Psychiatry, Psychoneuroimmunology)
He was paying a visit in our Lab in 2011. Prof. Iwata met Jack Chan at the lobby of hotel.

Senior Assistant Professor: Yasuhide IWATA (General Psychiatry, Psychoneuroimmunology)
He was paying a visit in our Lab in 2011. Prof. Iwata met Jack Chan at the lobby of hotel.

Dr. Nick Campbell, Executive Editor, Nature
Associate Director, Macmillan Science Communication , Dr. Nick was chatting with Prof Xie about our paper.

Dr.Nick was shaking hand with Prof.Xie in Peking, 2012

Post-doc student ND Melgiri and visiting Post-doc Eva.
They attended the annual Chongqing Neurology conference, they were shown around during the meet breaking time.

Prof. Mark Baker
Ambassador at Business Events Sydney, Board Director, Chair (Plasma Proteome Initiative) at Human Proteome Organisation, Professor of Proteomics .
He was having lunch discussion of our paper at the AOHUPO 6th congress in Chinain 2012.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kleiner(in the middle), President of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, gave a speech at the Sino-German cooperation Promotion Conference in Chongqing University, China.2012/11/02.