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At this website you find an introduction of Peng Xie’s Laboratory, which is also the Institute of Neuroscience in Chongqing Medical University, the Chongqing Key Laboratory of Neurobiology, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Brain Science, and the Chongqing Branch of the Chinese Cochrane Centre. This lab have achieved millions of dollars funded by Chinese government, with more than 60 researchers and students working on. The research fields of this lab is mainly on depressive disorder. And there are five working groups with different interests in this lab, including evidence-based medicine group, proteomics and peptidomics group, genetics and transcriptomics group, biobank and neuroimaging group, and borna disease virus group. If you are interested in one of our research fields, you can enter in the detailed introduction in this website. We welcome the collaboration from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us