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      MicroRNAs is a new emerging class of players for disease diagnostics and gene therapy. As a hot spot of molecular research, our group in Xie Lab mainly focuses on microRNomics in neuropsychiatric disorders. This subject is a novel subdiscipline of genomics that studies the different expression miRNAs relative to diseases status, expression regulation, the biogenesis, targets, and biological functions of miRNAs. The Object of study include human, rat, mouse, Macaca monkeys and Borna disease virus. The samples collected include blood, serum, brain tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, synaptic and cells.
Our previous works based on miRNA profiling and real-time reverse transcriptase-PCR has demonstrated some miRNAs specific associated with major depression. Furthermore, to make our research into translation medicine and applying to clinical practice, we research data reveal that one miRNA has potential as an effective biomarker for diagnosing and monitoring major depression.

      As a part of systematic research in neuropsychiatric disorders, our future works will center around the molecular mechanisms of miRNA-dependent regulation and the physiological consequences of miRNA perturbation in the diseases status.

      We have our team members majored in bioinformatics, molecular biology, clinical medicine, and genetics. It is welcome graduated students who have medicine/biology/genetics background to join our team.